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Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Zambia is the parent of three YWAM ministry bases. YWAM Frontier Missions, YWAM Livingstone, and YWAM Lusaka.

 YWAM Lusaka is the oldest base and the largest in terms of space for further development. It is located 16km on Mungwi Rd (Old Mumbwa Rd) in Lusaka West. It is 41km from Lusaka International airport. The leader of YWAM Lusaka is Stanley Banda assisted by his wife Priscilla Banda.

YWAM Frontier Missions is currently operating from YWAM Lusaka Base. It moved to Zambia after years of service from its previous base in Harare, Zimbabwe.

YWAM Livingstone is located at plot #: LIV/7454, Off Lusaka Rd, Highlands, Livingstone. It is about 6km away from Livingstone International Airport and 15km from the Victoria Falls. The leader of YWAM Livingstone is Jonathan Mumbi assisted by his wife, Jean Mumbi

 The Victoria Fall is shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Zimbabwe has 70% of the view and Zambia has 70% of the physical space occupied by the falls. The Victoria Falls is one of the world 7 natural wonders as be cause it has the largest unbroken water curtain in the rainny season (about 1,600m or one mile wide).

 The city of Livingstone is the smallest of Zambia's 5 cities with traditional city status. It was the national capital of Northern Rhodesia until the capital was moved to Lusaka in 1935. This is a picture of the main road from the main post office.

YWAM Livingstone base is a structure with 14 bedroom and 6 toilets and showers.

 Lusaka is a growing city and home to 2,5 million people. The picture above was from a bus going through down town.

Never never leave you improved remix 2011.mp3

 Inside Shoprite, Livingstone (the fruit and veges section of the shop).

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